Residents’ Council

At Fortunkollegiet, we have a residents’ council consisting of at least three members, of which one is the chairman. College residents are eligible to apply for membership of the residents’ council. The elected period of service on the Residents’ Council is one year. It is possible to be re-elected. Posts on the Residents’ Council are unpaid, but reasonable expenses incurred for work carried out in connection with the Residents’ Council are permitted.

The main responsibility of the Residents’ Council is to ensure that  Fortunkollegiet is a good place to live, and it is also responsible for reporting on the state of the property’s maintenance, and for ensuring things are done in an orderly manner. The Residents’ Council is the liaison between the college chancellor, the board of directors and students who attend the college.

If the behaviour of another resident is bothering you, we ask that you contact the person concerned before you contact the Residents’ Council, in order to maintain as pleasant an atmosphere as possible. Sometimes a quiet word and friendly smile is all it takes to smooth out a problem. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can then submit a complaint to the Residents’ Council.

The Residents’ Council also has a say in the design of the common rooms and kitchens, and the leisure activities that can be set up, and so on.

The Residents’ Council is also involved in the event of a rent increase.

At the regular resident meetings twice a year, everyone who lives at Fortunkollegiet is entitled to bring up a topic for discussion. Details should be submitted to the Residents’ Council no later than five days before the meeting.

The Residents’ Council holds its Annual General Meeting in mid-September, and the following points must be included on the agenda as a minimum:

  • The Chairman’s report for the past year
  • Election of the chairman and other resident council members or their substitutes, (re-election is permitted),
  • if relevant.

An extraordinary meeting of the residents can be held in the case of urgent matters.

If the Residents’ Council so wishes, Louise Kjeldsen may initiate and/or attend the meetings.