Q. How do I move in:

You must contact the student assistant (see in contact) at least one week before the date of arrival and arrange the details of your move on the email. Enter when you arrive and phone number.

Q: How do I move out:

You must say your room up 3 months before you want to move. Note this does not apply to Erasmus students.

You must write to the trustee of the college (see contact). Your email must include your full name and room number as well as your bank details, which will be used for the return of the deposit.

You must make an appointment with service (see under contact) and together you review your room for damage and whether it is clean and you must hand over your keys and cards. Be sure to remove all your belongings before inspection.

You may be asked to clean, repair or paint. Your deposit will then be released if the room is approved by Benjamin or Alberthe. After the inspection, a confirmation will be sent to the administration and the deposit will be returned – amount based on the state of the room.

Q: When will I get my deposit back after migration?

It takes between about approx. 1. months depending on the workload of Unord's administration. During the summer months, expect extra working hours.