Moving in or moving out

Moving-in procedure

When you have signed the contract, sent it back and paid the first rate you are ready to schedule a moving-in-meeting with our student assistant. This is to take place at the latest two weeks prior to your moving in. You are to agree on date and time of the day. The student assistant´s contact information is available under “Contact”

On the day of arrival you will be handed out keys, admission card and wash card. You will be shown your room and get a guided tour on the shared premises of the college. You will also be enrolled in our Facebook-groups. We encourage you to spend some time on our website where all information about the life at Fortunkollegiet is available.

 Moving-out procedure

You are to give notice to terminate your room at least three months before you intend to leave the college. If for example you want to move out October 31, we need your notice in writing by July 31.

Please send your notice in writing by mail to

The administration is to accept your moving out date.

At the latest one month before your moving-out-date you are to contact the caretaker so that together you will go through your room for potential faults and deficiencies. Your room does not have to be empty. The caretaker´s mail address is available under “Contact”.   In the search box please write “værelsesgennemgang værelsesnummer x”  (room check room number x)

One week before you leave the college permanently you are to have arranged a meeting with the student assistant about giving back your key card and time of the final room check.

Before the final room check it is your responsibility that you have done the following:

Moving-out form

You are to fill in the moving-out-form

The room

The room must be emptied of personal belongings.

Also, the room must be cleaned thoroughly: vacuum and wipe off all corners and surfaces, also under the bed, behind the radiator. Wash off the desk on the interior and the exterior. Wash off the cloakroom. Remove traces of glue, adhesive tape, stains etc. on walls. The sink in the room itself is to be cleaned thoroughly, on the interior and the exterior. Please use an anti-calcium cleaning product. If in doubt, contact the student assistant.

Bathroom and toilet

Please clean bathroom and toilet. Pay special attention to walls, shower head and  pipes etc. You can test whether you have decalcified thoroughly enough by taking the reverse side of your hand across the surfaces. No calcareous deposits must be left.

The entrance

Please clean the small entrance in front of your door thoroughly.


Please leave your shelf in the kitchen empty and clean. The same applies to the shelves in your refrigerator. Empty the freezer if you have used it.

Wash card

To receive a refund from your wash card please follow this link

It is up to you to activate the refund procedure. Your money is lost if you do not do it yourself.

If your room is not cleaned or not sufficiently cleaned potential costs will be deducted from your deposit starting at DKK 625-.

A room check should not take more than 30 minutes plus possible extra cleaning.

On the check-out date you are to return key card and the key to your mailbox.

You can expect to receive your deposit within two weeks unless deductions from the amount prove to be necessary.

Kind regards

Louise Sophie Kjeldsen
Director of education