House rules

The college is your home and we therefore depend on each other to make it as cosy as possible for everyone. This means that we need to establish certain ground rules and a framework in order to create a good environment at the college.

The rules are also a part of our efforts to create a harmonious well-functioning environment, to keep the college and its grounds in good condition, thus keeping the maintenance costs as low as possible. Don’t forget that any maintenance that is necessary, including that which is needed due to any damage caused, has to be paid for via the rent.

As a college student at Fortunkollegiet, it is up to you to stay updated via the college’s website and on FB.

The ResidentsCouncil:

At Fortunkollegiet, we have a residents’ council consisting of at least three members, of which one is the chairman. College residents are eligible to apply for membership of the Residents’ Council. Resident Council members and replacements are elected for a period of one year. It is possible to be re-elected. Posts on the Residents’ Council are unpaid, but reasonable expenses incurred for work carried out in connection with the Residents’ Council are permitted.

The main responsibility of the Residents’ Council is to ensure that Fortunkollegiet is a good place to live, and it is also responsible for reporting on the state of the property’s maintenance, and for ensuring things are done in an orderly manner. The Residents’ Council is the liaison between the college chancellor, the board and the students who attend the college.

If the behaviour of another resident is bothering you, we would appreciate it if you could talk to the person concerned before contacting the Residents’ Council, in order not to create an unpleasant atmosphere. Sometimes a quiet word and friendly smile is all it takes to smooth out a problem. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can then submit a complaint to the Residents’ Council.

The Residents’ Council also has a say in the design of the common rooms and kitchens, and the leisure activities that can be set up.

The Residents’ Council is also involved in the event of a rent increase.

At the regular resident meetings twice a year, everyone who lives at Fortunkollegiet is entitled to bring up a topic for discussion. Details should be submitted to the Residents’ Council no later than five days before the meeting.

The Residents’ Council holds its Annual General Meeting in mid-September, and the following points must be included on the agenda as a minimum:

  • The Chairman’s report for the past year
  • Election of the chairman and other Resident Council members or their substitutes, (re-election is permitted),
  • if relevant.

An extraordinary meeting of the residents can be held in the case of urgent matters.

If the Residents’ Council so wishes, Louise Kjeldsen may initiate and/or attend the meetings.


Complaints about other residents of the college, the college chancellor or college employees must be submitted to the Residents’ Council no later than 3 days after the event the complaint is based occurred.

Before the complaint is brought before the Residents’ Council, the person against whom the complaint is being filed, must be given clear notification that a complaint about them is being filed.

At Fortunkollegiet, we believe that complaints should be settled amicably, preferable between the parties themselves. If this is not possible, then the case handling phase is as follows:

The Case Handling Phase:

The case handling phase begins from when the Residents’ Council receives the complaint and, from then on, it is covered by a duty of confidentiality. The Residents’ Council then sends a receipt to the complainant and a letter to the person against whom the complaint is filed, with a copy of the complaint. The person against whom the complaint is filed has three weekdays in which to lodge a request for a hearing in which both parties will participate. If a request for a hearing involving both parties is lodged, a copy will be sent to the complainant.

The Residents’ Council handles the complaint and will then notify the complainant and the person against whom the complaint was filed of their decision, and the grounds on which it was based.

For serious violations of the house rules, regardless of where this takes place on the college premises.


A member of the Residents’ Council is judged to be legally incompetent to discharge their duties if:

  1. The person in question has a personal interest in the case
  2. The person in question is related to one of the parties in the case
  3. Other conditions apply which would normally render the person incompetent in a legal context

The question of whether or not a person is incompetent legally is settled by the Residents’ Council itself.


You are responsible for your guests’ behaviour and are liable for any damage that occurs, regardless of where this takes place on the college premises.


The college is a non-smoking area. Smoking is prohibited in all of the indoor shared facilities. Smoking is only permitted in the designated “smoking corner”. If a fellow college student violates this house rule, he/she may receive a warning. In the event of a serious or repeated violation, the chancellor may, with the written permission of the Residents’ Council, consider the lease to be in default and terminate it with immediate expulsion to follow.


Under Danish law, importing and exporting, the selling of, the purchasing of, supplying, receiving and possession of illegal substances is forbidden and will result in immediate eviction.


As a resident of Fortunkollegiet, you must participate fully in the kitchen cleaning day that has been arranged for the kitchen assigned to you. Kitchen representatives are elected every three months. EVERYONE must take their turn


If you notice that anything is broken or missing when you move in, you should report it to Benjamin, immediately. See also the section on moving in (link)

When you move out, the room should have been cleared and cleaned, and the keys and card should be handed over to the student assistant. You will inspect the room to see if anything is missing or damaged together. See also the section on moving out (link)

There will be a replacement charge of DKK 300,- for lost front door keys.

The room may only be inhabited by one person.

To avoid clogging the drain pipes, please be careful about what you flush out in the washbasin and toilet. Cotton wool, newspaper and things like that must never be flushed down the toilet.

You are responsible for cleaning your own room and carrying out your share of cleaning in shared showers and toilets. Any failure to do so may result in a warning. The college provides a variety of cleaning detergents

Access to your room is only permitted with your consent, unless it can be considered a matter of urgency.


When you move in, you will be given a laundry card to use for the washing machines and tumble driers. There will be a charge of DKK 50 if you lose it.


For any damage caused or vandalism, a claim for compensation will be made against the perpetrator. Cases of repeated or particularly gross vandalism, will be considered a violation of the lease and you can be evicted. If a guest has been responsible for the vandalism, the claim for compensation will be made against him/her.

As it can be difficult for the permanent residents to distinguish between who lives at the college and who doesn’t, no one should allow people they don’t know into the building. The outer main doors should always be kept closed.

If you lend your key to anyone else, you will be responsible for any damage that is done.


No one may sublet their apartment without obtaining special permission from Fortunkollegiet. If they do so, it will be considered a breach of contract, that warrants termination of the tenancy contract. Requests regarding subletting should be addressed to Pia Vase,, as they require a special contract.


Excessive consumption of electricity, water, radiators could lead to an increase in rents for everyone. So be sensible about the amount of water, heating and electricity you use. Wasting water can be expensive. Contact Benjamin immediately if your toilet begins to run or a tap is no longer watertight.


Pets are not allowed at Fortunkollegiet.


Consider the other residents if you are planning any noisy activities. Noise is not permitted between the following time intervals: From 22.00 until 08:00 on Sundays to Thursdays, from 00.00 until 08.00 on Fridays to Saturdays, and we ask that you keep the noise levels down during examination periods in particular when people are trying to study.


This can be booked on FB. Please note that a responsible person (or more than one) should always be present at any event held in the common areas, who will also be responsible for ensuring that the area is cleaned afterwards.


“At Fortunkollegiet, we sort our waste. Waste containers (boxes) are provided in each of the kitchens which you can use to sort your waste. Please rinse out any residual food before you place your waste items in the garbage container. Once a week, the kitchen staff see to it that the waste containers in each kitchen are emptied into the municipal garbage sorting container which is located at the entrance to the Piano Room.”