Fortunkollegiet, previously known as The Johannes Fog College, was founded on 9 December 2008, and was named after the timber merchant, Johannes Fog. Johannes Fog set up his business as a timber merchant in Kongens Lyngby in 1920 and, until his death in 1970, was the sole owner of the company which was located in the centre of Lyngby.

His daughter, Ingrid Fog, was the sole inheritor. Most of the fortune that she inherited from her father, as well as the  shareholdings in the company were transferred to a non-profit, charitable foundation, “The Timber Merchant Johannes Fog Foundation”. When Ingrid died in 2007, the rest of her fortune was given to the foundation in her memory, which then donated DKK 9 million to help establish the Johannes Fog College.

Today the college is called the Fortunkollegiet (Fortuna College). The Fortuna is a local landmark, and was originally an old forester’s place on the King’s hunting route to Dyrehaven (The Deer Park) and was named after the goddess of good fortune, Fortuna. The Fortunfortet (Fortun Fortifications), which was built in 1891-93, formed part of Copenhagen’s countrywide fortifications.


The college is located at Unord, Cphbusiness – Campus Lyngby and DTU – Campus Lyngby is a quiet, residential area not far from Dyrehaven.

The college consists of a two-storey building with two annexes which accommodate 74 furnished rooms in all. Each room contains a single bed, a desk, a chair, a reading lamp, and a wardrobe. The rooms are divided so that two rooms share a hallway, shower and toilet, and are shared by students of the same gender. In addition, there are communal kitchens which are shared by 20 residents.

Today the college is a private foundation which no longer has any links to the Johannes Fog Group.