About Fortunkollegiet

Fortunkollegiet, is located in scenic surroundings very close to Dyrehaven and Ermelundssletten. The dormitory is next door to the UNORD high schools and it is therefore possible to use the sports hall and outdoor facilities at times when there is no teaching. The dormitory is within cycling distance of DTU and many of the dormitories study at DTU. Other college students study at Cph or at UNORD as part of sports college. The dormitory is within cycling distance of Lyngby station and within walking distance of line 150, which runs at 5-minute intervals to and from Copenhagen during rush hour. There are therefore good opportunities for public transport to other educational institutions. The dormitory consists of 79 rooms and there are 5 communal kitchens, which are shared by approx. 18 college students. Fortunkollegiet also offers sunny outdoor areas, communal barbecue (both coal and gas), own coin laundry, internet, and the common room “Pianoroom”, which is used for cosiness, communal events and the like. At Fortunkollegiet, we strive to create the best setting for the colleges. We have a residents’ council, which only deals with looking after the common interests of the dormitories. We focus on sustainability, which means that we sort waste and use Nordic Ecolabelled products. Fortun College is much more than just a place to live!

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U/NORD campus locations
U/NORD campus locations
H.C Orsted Highschool, Lyngby

Fortunkollegiet is a private, self-governing institution located at Trongårdsvej 46 in Lyngby

Bus line 150 runs every 5 minutes from the dormitory to Nørreport, Copenhagen round trip and Bus line 183 runs every ten minutes to Lyngby C round trip

U/NORD is responsible for the daily administration of things such as contracts, payment, moving in and out, cleaning, the buildings, etc.

You can apply for a room at Fortunkollegiet, if you are studying at CpH, U/NORD, Lyngby Sports College or DTU