Common facilities

There are three kitchens at the college and approx. 20 people share a kitchen. The kitchens are equipped with tableware, pots and pans, refrigerators, electric kettles, toasters, etc.

Each kitchen has its own set of rules. The rules are drawn up by the residents at “kitchen meetings”. A cleaning firm is employed to clean corridors, shared facilities and the kitchen floors. The residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves after they have prepared meals.

There is cable TV in every kitchen and free Wifi in the dormitories.

If kitchen regulations are violated, those concerned will be given a warning, and in special cases, this may result in being given notice to vacate the college dormitory, without any refund of deposit.

The Orange Kitchen (which is now painted white)

The Orange Kitchen is located on the ground floor. It is only to be used by residents of rooms 1-18 on the ground floor.

The Blue Kitchen

The Blue Kitchen is also located on the ground floor. It is only to be used by residents of rooms 44-62 on the ground floor.

The Upstairs Kitchen

The Upstairs Kitchen is located on the first floor. It is only to be used by residents of rooms 19-38 on the first floor.

The Laundry

Laundry facilities are located in the basement. You can pay for doing your laundry using your laundry card. It costs DKK 15 for each load of washing and DKK 15 to tumble dry.

Freezer facilities

You are allowed to use the college’s freezers if you wish. We recommend that you clearly mark any items you freeze with your name and room number.


At Fortunkollegiet, a number of barbecues as well as a gas barbecue are available for use. Students are free to use these at no charge. Please remember to clean them after use. If you plan to use a barbecue, we recommend you notify others that you will be barbecuing via a message on FB – preferably the day before. Then more people will be able to use the barbecue.