Fortunkollegiet´s Rules and Regulations

Generally, the principle of the “highest common denominator” applies throughout the college. This means that everyone must strive to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness and tidiness possible.

Kitchen rules

Each kitchen elects a head of kitchen (kitchen manager) for three months at a time. Everyone must participate and take their turn. All the kitchen managers hold one meeting a month with the college chancellor and student assistants. The student assistants ensure that a kitchen manager is elected and that meetings are called.

General kitchen rules that apply to everyone

  1. Wash all pots, pans and tableware, etc as soon as you have finished cooking.
  2. Clean the sink. Note: the filter in the sink must not be removed (the pipes will get clogged).
  3. Wipe off the tables and other surfaces thoroughly.
  4. Only put tableware that has been washed and is dry back on the shelves and in the cupboards.
  5. Ensure that the refrigerator and freezer are left tidy and hygienic. Do not leave old unwrapped food, etc. out.
  6. Keep your food lockers tidy

Weekly inspections by kitchen representatives

Two persons will be elected who will be responsible for ensuring that the kitchen is kept clean and tidy. It is not their job to clean up after others, but it is up to them to ensure that the anything “extra” that is needed is also done.

The duties of the kitchen representatives are as follows:


Check the list of kitchen equipment and whether the previous kitchen representative has forgotten anything. If anything on the list of kitchen equipment is missing, contact the student assistant or kitchen manager.

Tuesday – Saturday

Waste and waste sorting containers are to be emptied.

Clean the sink and wipe the kitchen table off thoroughly, and empty the dishwasher, clean up in the common areas and tidy the sofa.

The Laundry

Laundry facilities are located in the basement. You can pay for doing your laundry using your laundry card. It costs DKK 20 for each load of washing and DKK 20 to tumble dry. It is everyone´s duty to keep the laundry neat and tidy. Washing should not be left hanging up once it is dry.

Piano Room

Everyone is entitled to use the Piano Room as long as they leave it nice and tidy. You can also reserve the Piano Room for private use. However, you cannot prevent others from being in the Piano Room at the same time. If you hold a get-together in the Piano Room, it must be cleaned and tidied up by 12:00 the following day, at the latest.


The college is a non-smoking area. Smoking is prohibited in all of the indoor shared facilities. Smoking is only permitted in the designated “smoking corner”. If a fellow college student violates this house rule, he/she may be given a warning. In the event of a serious or repeated violation, the chancellor may, with the written permission of the Residents’ Council, consider the lease to be in default and terminate it with immediate expulsion to follow.

Illegal Substances

Under Danish law, importing and exporting, selling of, purchasing of, supplying, receiving and possession of illegal substances is forbidden and will result in immediate termination of the tenancy lease and eviction


You are responsible for your guests’ behaviour and are liable for any damage that occurs, regardless of where this takes place on the college premises.


Complaints about other residents of the college, the college chancellor or college employees must be submitted to the Residents’ Council as soon as possible after the event the complaint is based upon occurred.

The Residents’ Council must make the person against whom a complaint has been lodged aware of the fact.

At Fortunkollegiet, we believe that complaints should be settled amicably, preferable between the parties themselves. If this is not possible, then the case handling phase is as follows:

The Case Handling Phase

The case handling phase begins from when the Residents’ Council receives the complaint and, from then on, it is covered by a duty of confidentiality. The Residents’ Council then sends a receipt to the complainant and an e-mail to the person against whom the complaint is filed, with a copy of the complaint. The person against whom the complaint is filed has three weekdays in which to lodge a request for a hearing in which both parties will participate. If a request for a hearing involving both parties is lodged, a copy will be sent to the complainant by e-mail.

The Residents’ Council will handle the complaint and will then notify the complainant and the person against whom the complaint was filed of their decision, and the grounds on which it was based.

Any breach of house rules involving possible termination of tenancy, will result in the chancellor being involved.


A member of the Residents’ Council is judged to be legally incompetent to discharge their duties if:

  1. The person in question has a personal interest in the case
  2. The person in question is related to one of the parties in the case
  3. Other conditions apply which would normally render the person incompetent in a legal context

The question of whether or not a person is incompetent legally is settled by the Residents’ Council itself.